The 4 most exotic places in the world

#1. Bagan


This is the perfect place for people to be in. It is the place where Buddhist normally live and you can have the story behind the tribe by asking the elders. But what makes this place sweet are the old temples that make the place typical and unique. Besides, it has the most fascinating regions that people can visit. You will see the olden gods of harvest and gods of love, well decorated to capture the attention of the people visiting this area. It is the perfect place to be in.

#2. Arashimaya forest


There is nothing satisfactory from nature than being in this fascinating forest. This is where you will find the best environments of the bamboo forest that provides tranquility and peace of mind. Everything is green and the routes in the forest are well organized to ensure that everything is perfectly organized. This forest is well, managed and the bamboo trees are long. You will see the trees that have been planted in a manner that create a fascinating house.

#3. Mendenhall Ice Caves


You have to visit this place to see what you will not believe in a broad day light. This place is well kept with all the perfect aquatic creatures in the cave. See the frozen ice packs that are blue in color. The ice packs are arranged in patterns that are hard to believe, it is like somebody with experience arranged them but it’s just a natural process.

#4. Białowieża Forest


There are so many forests in the world but this takes the best part when it comes to mesmerizing looks. It has all plant species that people can learn about. It has water swamps that are invaded by green plants making the place to a wonderful place for natural photos.


Scuba diving vs. snorkeling – what’s the difference?

#1. Scuba diving

This is a form of diving where the diver uses a self-contained gas equipment which supplies him or her with air as he makes moves in the waters. Unlike the other types of swimming where the oxygen is pumped from the surface, in scuba diving, the person needs to ensure that everything is done perfectly to avoid oxygen shortage in the waters. People should therefore be able to carry the cylinder in their back without compromising the swimming excellence. The scuba equipment could either be open or closed. In an open circuit, the oxygen used poured into the surrounding. In the closed circuit, the carbon dioxide used is taken back to the system where the oxygen is taken back and the excess CO2 gas removed. This is good because it gives autonomy to the swimmer to have complete balance of himself or herself in the waters.

#2. Snorkeling

Here people go with a mask where they have oxygen attached to the mask. The mask normally has fins that are used to gather air maximally for perfect breathing. In cooler waters, the wetsuit should be used to ensure that the swimmer remains good at all times. In snorkeling the person has limited freedom as compared to the scuba diving because of the oxygen compartment that they have. For most new divers, it is good to use the scuba diving because it has all the necessary safety measures that leads to perfect diving. The good thing with snorkeling is that the diver can have a lot of time looking for the underwater attractions without any dangers. For those who would like to go to the deep waters, ensure you have the scuba which has your own oxygen to avoid suffocation.


3 things you should do before diving

#1. Stay relaxed

Many times, people happen to in harry and they jump into the waters without sufficient preparation. That is not how it should be. First you need to ensure that everything is perfect including your gears and the costumes. Go into the waters slowly by balancing your feet and ensuring that your balloon is inflated. Be at low controlled speeds always and ensure that you are always on the perfect track. Don’t dive as if you are experienced and you are not so try to make fear so that you be perfect in your steps.

#2. Get the best Gear

If you know that the gear is not yours and you have just borrowed it from someone, ensure that you get the best experience of it before diving. Many times people find it difficult to stop in emergencies when the gear fails. Ask the experts what kind of a gear fits before buying one. As even on the things you are not sure of because when you to the waters, it will be hard for people to respond quickly because of how dangerous the waters are.

#3. Try your skills immediately after training

You cannot stay for weeks after learning your skills and then expect to be an expert. Just ensure that you go to the waters and deploy all your skills to dive faster and quickly. This way, you will get used to the diving act and you will have the best tactics to deal with the waters and have the best diving experience. The diving act could be dangerous if the person is not experienced so one needs to be trained perfectly to ensure that he or she gets the perfect knowledge on how to dive perfectly.